Sunday, July 2, 2017

Synopsis: Piss and Poop on the Sole

If you've heard of the idiom, "In each life, some rain must fall," you might also be familiar with its brother from another mother, "On each sole, some poop must stick," which rose in popularity since the shoes of a journalist spontaneously flew at the then president of the USA.

The first book carried inspirational short stories about how people handled the poop that got stuck to their soles. It has since grown into a series with various book for different types of footwear and different types of poop.

Inspired by: Chicken Soup for the Soul

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Synopsis: Rajma Dal Toor Dal

The author channels his childhood experience of attending far too many big Indian weddings into an instructions manual to help later children with deciding what to eat at the buffet. What goes well with what, what doesn't go well with what, where the shorter queues are, which stalls have the cool cousins, which stalls have the annoying aunts, what the nutritional value of various items is, and, the most important question of them all, a method to calculate how much the host is paying per plate.

Inspired by: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Saturday, May 13, 2017

House Leads Automation

When 2 or more flatmates are looking for a place to stay, over multiple weekends, in multiple areas, without a broker, it becomes a little tricky to collaborate. The UI for most of these real estate portals is very poorly designed and slows you down further.

These scripts scrape relevant postings from 4 popular websites and keep it in a simple, easy to compare format on Google Sheets.

You can get the code, etc. here.

The FAQ here are the same or an earlier version of the ones posted on the GitHub page.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Synopsis: Jonathon, Stoned, Living with a Seagull

Jonathon has been doing marijuana and now thinks his flatmate is a seagull. The flatmate also used to do marijuana but has been experimenting with methamphetamine of late. Their problems see both of them expelled from their friend circles but they don't care because they can hallucinate up new friends.

The book chronicles their efforts to get higher, get more speed, how they meet a dealer who enables the first and supplies the second, and how they eventually become dealers themselves.

Inspired by: Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Synopsis: Scream, Spray, Shove

A woman has love life issues and feels purposeless in her job, but she has enough money to travel to distant countries for long periods of time.

When she lands, she notices that the women in these countries also have problems, like lack of access to drinking water and healthcare, and they have no money. She accepts that her problems are insignificant in the face of theirs and decides to add books to the For Dummies series which tackle their difficulties, beginning with one on sexual harassment.

Inspired by: Eat, Pray, Love

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Synopsis: Walt, the Chemist

A chemist named Walt has the skills to transform ordinary items into precious material but he's sick and needs medicine. He meets a boy who seeks treasure.

Walt and the boy travel through the desert and settlements and have thrilling adventures. To become rich, the boy needs to lead this cowboy lifestyle but he also wants the comfort of a woman regardless of the constraints his career choice imposes upon him.

Towards the end, Walt dies because he didn't get enough medicine, and the boy is given a consolatory happy ending. It is up to the reader to infer that the boy could have become rich beyond his wildest dreams if he had just learnt Walt's skills instead of mucking about.

Inspired by: The Alchemist

Friday, April 7, 2017

Synopsis: The Farts In Our Stall

Three teenage kids running the games corner at a fete, seated closer to the bean snacks hut than permitted, get exposed to vicious bouts of flatulence. It's so bad that it literally gives them cancer. The book inadvertently also teaches the correct usage of the word 'literally', synonyms for 'fart', and some other medical words useful for taking extended periods of sick leaves.

The rest of the book tries to highlight the disconnect from reality and society that cancer patients face. Teenagers unlikely to survive till the next World Cup are reading books and going to Amsterdam just to meet an author, abusive drunkards are suddenly recovering, and guardians are okay with their children jetting off to meet weirdos who have withdrawn from the rest of the world but are okay with talking to their children only if they show up in person.

Inspired by: The Fault in Our Stars

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Synopsis: Who Moved My Seas

There are lots of people stuck in a maze, looking for energy sources. Some of them learn to harness fossil fuels and then colonise everybody else and make everybody use fossil fuels too. Everybody prospers, some more, some less.

After some time, many experts unanimously observe that the maze's glaciers are receding, extreme weather events aren't as rare as before, and the coast seems a lot closer than it used to be. They also find overwhelming evidence pointing to fossil fuel consumption as the reason behind it.

In light of this new knowledge, some people try to find alternatives to fossil fuel but most others choose to continue using fossil fuels in the interest of GDP and votes.

The ones searching soon discover the power of renewables. The ones not budging keep waiting for it to make economic sense to switch.

Inspired by: Who Moved My Cheese

Friday, March 31, 2017

Synopsis: The Old Man Who Was a C-word

This is centred around an old man who grew up in a culture where preying on the helpless and gullible was a way of life. Of late, he has been living off of the work of others and not really doing much himself. One day he realises that nobody respects him and then something snaps in him.

On a morning soon after, he sets out with the intention of going a long way out to harm those weaker than him, just to prove himself to his peers. On his return he boasts about all the wicked things he did to the rest of the village who take his word for it despite scarce evidence of the same. So awestruck is the rest of the village that they elect him their leader and inflict more brazen atrocities in his name. The old man goes back to doing nothing except now he has to provide the occasional sound byte.

This is the story of so many old men that perhaps this could be an anthology of biographies titled, The Old Men Who Were C-words.

Inspired by: The Old Man and the Sea

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mekedatu, Karnataka, India

Mekedatu is a half a day trip from Bangalore. The story goes that at that point, a goat ( meke ) jumped ( datu ) across the Kaveri river to escape a chasing tiger. A herdsman who happened to spot the incident suggested the name, probably to his herdsmen chums. Whatever floats your goat, his herdsmen chums said to him having more important matters of their own to deal with.

According to legend, these are goat hooves because the
goat that jumped across the river was actually Lord Shiva.
A simpler, more believable, explanation could be Punjabi aunties.